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First PRT Field in France

Recently, the YZCSJs customer--CCGrass, its synthetic turf field for the Stadium of Pins (Stade des Pins) in France, using our backing, has obtained FIFA’s highest level certification – FIFA Quality Pro certification. It is the first PRT field in France.

The Stadium of Pins is located in the town of Castries in Hérault, in the south of France. This municipal stadium receives school children especially the Avenir Castriote club, a regional football club, which trains players from U5 to U17 as well as the senior category which plays in D3. With the arrival of the brand new synthetic pitch at the Pins Stadium, the club is particularly happy. The president of the club underlines:“The children and the sports educators are delighted to be able to benefit from a large field.”


The selected pitch system not only guarantees excellent sports performance but also pays great attention to environmental protection. The pitch chooses PRT backing, a special 100% thermoplastic, free-draining fabric, which is fully recyclable and is designed to eliminate end of life disposal issues. Cork is selected as the infill, as the organic materials are safe and pollution-free, and they are in full compliance with the current environmental requirements. With the double guarantee of PRT backing and Cork infill, this installation system is full of environmental awareness.

Our local partner also commented positively on the pitch system:“This ultra-absorbent system provides a solution to the problem of the buoyancy and migration of the Cork, guaranteeing constant filling. The PRT woven system also allows recycling in all centers approved for the treatment of PE & PP. This system configuration benefits from FIFA Quality Pro approval.”


We’re delighted that the newly certified pitch will contribute to the development of local youth football, and firmly believe CCGrass with YZCSJ, will continue to provide more professional and high quality football pitches worldwide.